Daniel Carvajal: Shares Images of the Shoes for the Upcoming Match Against Cádiz

Pictures of the shoes Daniel Carvajal will wear versus Cádiz were shared online.

After a 23-year partnership with Nike ended, La Liga began working with Puma in the 2019–20 season. The ball that will be used for matches in the upcoming portion of the season was just displayed by the German manufacturer.


For this season, Puma has developed the Orbita LaLiga ball. According to the manufacturer, this certified football is made of three-dimensional materials that provide it exceptional durability and a 12-panel design with deep seams that ensure ideal aerodynamics. The summer version of the football was white with a pattern that featured a lot of vibrant colors, particularly red, which was connected to a shift in the competition’s perception.

Today, a brand-new yellow winter version of this ball was displayed. Its design is identical to the summer version, but the colors are very different. La Liga EA Sports and La Liga Hypermotion will compete using this yellow ball from now (November 20, 2023) until April 27, 2024, as per the official announcement. At the conclusion of the competition, the white ball will reappear.

It’s important to note that Dani Carvajal, Nabil Fekir, and Antoine Griezmann all contributed to the promotion of this yellow Orbit ball. After working for Nike his entire career, the Spaniard announced a move to Puma in recent weeks. Since the match restarted following the October international, the Royals defense has been playing with fresh cleats on.