Federico Valverde and Álvaro Rodríguez’s Delightful Meeting with a Uruguayan Musician

The Rombai singer Fernando Vázquez met with the Real Madrid footballers, and the striker posed while wearing Pearol.

There was a particular meeting on Sunday between three well-known Uruguayans. Federico Valverde and lvaro Rodrguez, two Real Madrid football players, met with Rombai singer Fernando Vázquez.

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The singer made the meeting public and posted two photos on Instagram. In one of the photos, the Uruguayan striker is seen posing with a Pearol jersey, the team that his father Daniel Coquito Rodrguez played for and helped to win the Intercontinental (1982) and the Copa Libertadores twice (1982 and 1987).

The singer also shared a video of Rodriguez singing a Bad Bunny song while operating a vehicle on the band’s Instagram accounts.

In reference to Fernando Vázquez, who had earlier written: “Los pibes,” when he published the images of the Uruguayan U-20 soccer player, the attacker then shared the post and added: “Friend.”