Football star Jude Bellingham returns to Stourbridge to show off his skills to young fans as the flagship Ambassador for McDonald’s Fun Football

Bellingham agreed to a 103 million euro (£88.5 million) transfer from Borussia Dortmund to the Bernabeu this month, reaffirming his status as one of the most intriguing young players in Europe.

The 20-year-old is aware of the illustrious history of the white shirt and has publicly acknowledged Zinedine Zidane as an inspiration, but he also has his sights set on a lengthy and prosperous career of his own.

He told the PA news agency, “That is the motivation for the majority in the first place; I want to be at a club that is going to be competing for titles and I want to try to help the team and club be as brilliant as it has been for all of time really.

“This is my chance to write history, and it fits with that since I know the club and I both want to win, so maybe that will happen.

“The club’s size already intimidates you when you think about it, but once you consider the project they have in place, it’s really important I made this decision because it’s the perfect location for me,” thе spеаƙеr sаid.

The thought of moving to Real Madrid at such a young age in a wealthy environment would be intimidating for most people, but Bellingham’s path has adequately prepared him.

After making his debut for Bremen at the age of 16, he later joined Dortmund, and his actions have changed.As a result, the expense won’t be a burden for him.

He stated, “I have had a very different experience” from other young players, especially young English players.

It is really unusual because I have visited three different countries without having played in the Premier League.

When I interact with the national team and consider the journeys of the other players, I’m always reminded of it.

“Howеᴠеr, I’m really proud of the achievement. As long as they go on, I’ve been waiting. I just try to handle everything calmly.

Up until now, pressure has followed me everywhere. I started playing with the first team at Birmingham when I was between 15 and 16 years old. I believed that pressure was unmatched by anyone else, so it has gotten worse at every stage of my life.

I have consistently demonstrated my ability to handle it up to this point, and if I had been concerned, I undoubtedly would not have moved.

The speaker said, “I think it’s a great fit because I know I have the proper people around me to support me through it.

Although Bellingham is currently one of the most recognizable names in the game, not all that long ago, he was a young player competing in the Stourbridge Parlors.

Hе is now а rеprеsеntаtiᴠе for thе McDonаld’s Fun Footbаll progrаm, thе lаrgеst grаssroots initiаtiᴠе for childrеn аgеd 5 to 11 in thе UK, whеrе 250,000 ƙids rеcеiᴠеd frее footbаll instruction oᴠеr thе coursе of thе prеᴠious уеаr.

This is extremely important, Bellingham continued. “You look around and see the atmosphere that McDonald’s has created, with all of these girls and boys of all ages just getting together and playing soccer with plenty of smiles. It’s an amazing project, and it’s wonderful to acknowledge the 250,000 young people who will have access to football this year. We had an amazing day.


“I recall my parents frequently taking me to events like these where the main objective is pure enjoyment.

“These are the types of days that really draw you into the game. I’m not speculating about who the next president will be, but you never know how it will impact one of these individuals’ ability to pursue their dreams.