Liverpool captain Virgil Van Dijk, exudes sophistication and elegance in his Vogue photoshoot, showcasing his ‘FANCY’ side with style

The Liverpool player frequently talks about his preference for non-branded photographs and the value of design for football players off the pitch. You have a great opportunity to accomplish both of these goals when you work with Rains.

“If you haven’t appeared in Vogue, don’t tell me you model.” The next time the Liverpool team is in the locker room together, Virgil Van Dijk will make fun of his teammates. since he recently started posing for the February/March issue of Vogue Scandinavia as a model for the Danish coat brand Rains.

Philip Lotko and Daniel Brix, two of Rains’ co-founders, are also shown in the picture. Virgil was reportedly eager to pose for pictures at the brand’s request, and the captain of Liverpool utilised his rare day off to do so in England, where he resides.

Van Dijk’s mysterious persona is well captured in this Vogue photo shoot, as mystery and allure permeate every shot. The images highlight the football player’s exceptional sense of style by showcasing him in a range of fashionable outfits.

Van Dijk just shown that he is a fashion star off the pitch as well as a formidable force to be reckoned with.

“Virgil represents a lot of good values, and I see some of them in us,” said one of the founding members. He aspires to be the best at everything he does, making him a star both on and off the pitch. Because Virgil and I have similar values, working with him is a noteworthy and satisfying achievement.

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Make it Rain: Why the iconic Danish brand and football player Virgil van Dijk are a perfect match (Vogue Scandinavia)

Make it Rain: Virgil van Dijk, the football player, and the iconic Danish brand are a perfect match – Vogue Scandinavia

The captain of Liverpool said to Vogue that he has always valued the items’ fit. He continued by explaining how well he gets along with Rains and why he thinks Rains is a great fit for him. In addition, he talked about how important design is to football players off the pitch and how much he enjoys unbranded photos, which makes working with Rains an excellent chance.

Make it Rains: Why football star Virgil van Dijk and the cult Danish brand are a perfect fit - Vogue Scandinavia

In addition to having impeccable style sense, Virgil van Dijk exudes a compelling aura and the ability to demand attention in this Vogue photo. It exemplifies his multifaceted personality and status as a genuine icon, both on and off the pitch.