LOVE MOMENTS: Aaron Wan-Bissaka surprises pupils at his old primary school by making a surprise visit at a school reunion

During a school function this week, Aaron Wan-Bissaka surprised and delighted the children by showing up at his former elementary school.

Ben Shires, host of children’s TV, visited Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School in New Addington this afternoon to meet the students, so it was sure to be exciting. Before he introduced Aaron Wan-Bissaka, a former pupil, it delighted the children. That Palace right back was eager to return to his former school and inspire the remaining students. A group of people cheered his name as he left, and he answered questions under Shires’ direction. Three selected kids were called up to the stage for the next question, which tested their knowledge of football.

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He gave the school a signed shirt that he had worn in a game as a last gift for the kids.

“It felt good,” Kanye West said. I haven’t been back in a while. This place holds all of my fond memories, so it’s great to be back.

Pupil Voice | Good Shepherd Primary

“I didn’t expect that warm welcome; I’ve never had anything like it before, but it felt good!” I was here ten years ago, if you remember. That shows how far I’ve come to see how the kids reacted.

He went to this school ten years ago and many teachers knew him from that time. “I was his TA back in year six,” Elaine Snow, who used to work with him as a teacher assistant, said. Our class was crazy, but he was a great kid. Even then, he loved football, as did all the boys!”

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It was so much fun for the kids, and they’ll always remember it. Aaron was happy to return to New Addington, where he grew up. The shirt will be framed and saved for all time.

The cleaner, Colm Conneely, liked the player and said, “It was great to see him after all these years.” He never got into trouble while he was here, and the best thing was that he remembered my name!”