Messi has just spoken about his future with the goal of winning Copa America 2024 and attending the 2026 World Cup with the Argentina team

Messi has just had specific discussions about his future in a special series announced by Star + and ESPN (Argentina), with the host being famous journalist Sebastian Vignolo.

The topic that Argentina fans are most interested in is the possibility of Messi attending the 2026 World Cup in the US, Mexico and Canada. However, Messi emphasized that his main focus now is to participate in the 2024 Copa America taking place in the United States, after which there will be further assessments.

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“First of all, I will always try to do my best at the 2024 Copa America. I myself am the one who knows whether I can compete until the 2026 World Cup or not. With my current age (36 years old), that is difficult to achieve, but I do not rule out the possibility that I will still participate. If we get there, everything feels good and especially we successfully defend the Copa America championship, Then I can continue to play,” Messi said.

“My focus right now is only on the Copa America 2024. I hope that this tournament will continue to light the fire of passion for me, to fight and conquer the championship, protecting the results of the previous tournament. Then, time will have the answer. Up to now, I am very satisfied and happy with everything, with the club and the team of players in the Argentina team.

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We are a special team that has created many of the most beautiful stories and moments, after many years of suffering because of failures. We will enjoy the best things every day, but don’t think about what the next 2 or 3 years will be like. In football, anything can happen. And it’s entirely possible that after Copa America 2024, if things don’t go well, I might stop,” Messi shared.

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Messi also revealed that he had a fierce confrontation with striker Robert Lewandowski of the Polish team in the group stage of the 2022 World Cup, because he was upset with the player’s previous statements after the Golden Ball election. 2021. At that time, Messi won the Golden Ball for winning the 2021 Copa America, while Lewandowski finished second and made critical statements aimed at the famous Argentine player.

“It only cleared up when Lewandowski came to Barcelona and we had talks about everything. Honestly, I was very upset with him, with the way he talked about me.” when winning the Golden Ball. However, everything is fine now,” Messi expressed.

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According to Messi, throughout the journey he and the Argentina team conquered the 2022 World Cup championship in Qatar, there was always the image of the late legendary player Diego Maradona around the team and in the minds of every player. “Maradona is always present, because we play with the national team, and when the national team plays, Maradona is always present in the songs and pictures in the stands. People always mention him and remember him, so he is always present,” Messi said.