Real Madrid is about to announce a new contract for Vinicius Jr with a huge contract breaking value

Vinicius Junior just got back from being hurt, and he is already scoring goals again. But when given the chance, Joselu has been playing very well, and Rodrygo hasn’t been doing well this season. It looks like the first two could work together up top for Real Madrid in the future.

Vinicius’s comeback is great for the club for sure. His steady goals, along with those of Joselu and Jude Bellingham, have given Real Madrid more ways to score goals than they’ve had in a while.

Soon, there may be more good news about Vinicius as well. The Brazilian winger is likely to stay at Santiago Bernabeu for a while, even though there has been some talk about his future in recent months.

Based on what Fabrizio Romano tweeted, Vinicius’s deal extension is almost certain to happen. It will be made public soon.

Madrid is almost ready to make news about Vinicius.

Of course, that has made a lot of Real Madrid fans confused and worried about Vinicius’s future there. But it looks like there will soon be no more questions.

It has been amazing to see how the Brazilian international has changed since Carlo Ancelotti took over as manager. He went from being a wonder kid who didn’t always play well to one of Real Madrid’s most trusted players, especially in big games. Many people see him as the club’s face now that Karim Benzema has left.

This means that the fact that the deal with Vinicius has been extended is good news. He needs to be the team’s main player for many years to come.