SHINING MAN: Ex-Liverpool star Roberto Firmino beams with Adidas outfits while going to the Al Ahli’s training ground

Roberto Firmino, the former Liverpool forward, was recently spotted heading to the training ground of Al Ahli, a professional football club based in Saudi Arabia.

The Brazilian striker, who is renowned for his extraordinary abilities and contagious smile, looked happy as he arrived wearing an amazing set of Adidas clothes.

Firmino, who joined Al Ahli after leaving Liverpool, showcased his impeccable style by donning a range of Adidas sportswear.

He sported a sleek black tracksuit with the iconic three stripes running down the sides, paired with white trainers that added a touch of elegance to his outfit. Completing the look was a matching white cap, exuding a cool and casual vibe.

Firmino’s choice of Adidas outfits not only highlighted his personal style but also served as a testament to his ongoing partnership with the renowned sportswear brand. The Brazilian striker has been an Adidas ambassador for several years and has often been seen sporting their apparel both on and off the field.

As Firmino made his way to the training ground, his beaming smile and confident demeanor were a clear reflection of his excitement and dedication to his new team. Fans can’t help but be inspired by his positive energy and fashion-forward choices, making him a true style icon in the world of football.