Vinicius Junior launches a pair of stylish AJ4 shoes made especially for him

The one-of-a-kind bespoke AJ4 was created especially for young Vinijr, giving him a pair of shoes that stand out for their velvety red leather as well as their unique and personalized embellishments. These shoes, which make use of first-rate materials and innovative designs, are a work of art in creativity and flair.




The distinguishing aspect of this customized AJ4 is the opulent crimson textured leather. Using premium leather materials, a luscious surface is painstakingly produced, creating a sophisticated mix of design and quality. A characteristic film of fashion and individuality is created by the vivid red leather, which highlights the dynamic and distinctive feel of the Vinijr player.


The second distinctive feature of the shoes is the transparent accent. The sneaker’s upper and midsole include minor transparent design cues that provide a unique aesthetic impact. A distinctive and sumptuous style that attracts attention and creates a lasting impression is created by the combination of red leather and transparent decorations.

The distinctive tongue tag is the final, finishing touch that makes these AJ4 truly special. The athlete’s name and an insignia from Vinijr are included on the eye-catching tongue tag, creating a unique bond between the player and the boot. This not only gives the shoe a unique personality but also shows how unique and meticulous the owner is.